Brand Awareness Ads
Working as a design director and sole designer, I worked directly with clients to come up with a solid conceptual direction and design execution to raise awareness for their brand and movement.
Ad featured in MAXIM - Digital Subscription - June 2014
Truck photography ©Ashleigh Meusel
To be featured in MAXIM Print and Digital Subscriptions - July/August 2014
A new image for a new kind of energy company. I wanted to abstractly illustrate movement, energy, gas, modernism and the future. I also needed to appeal to a sector of audience that rarely is successful in energy ads - women. By colorizing hi-resolution photos of silk, all of those descriptors came to life in an ad series unlike any other energy ad series in the United States. Making energy beautiful successfully targeted the minority audience while branding NE as a completely different kind of energy company.
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